Abyss Research
Abyss Research

Abyss Research

Abyss is a boutique research firm dedicated to bringing unique insight into Chinese power & renewable policy and market.

We advise foreign energy and technology companies to enter and grow in the Chinese market.
We are capable of supporting clients through tailored research and investigation projects focused on wind, storage, and power market. We also assist in market entry and partnership strategies.

What We Offer

Policy Research

Market, Commercialization Analysis

Company, Value Chain Investigation

Policy Research

Energy policy analysis including policy interpretation, impact studies, and policy dataset


Market entry strategies; national & local level market fundamentals review; market growth, partnership strategies; quantitative market forecasting (with partners)

Retainer Research

Partnership strategies; buyer & seller due diligence; supply chain investigation; company benchmark monitor

Our Methodology:

We deploy unique research and investigation methodology in the field to help our clients get through the information barrier to the Chinese energy market.

Besides a signature policy review methodology, we work with a solid network of industry insiders to provide under-the-surface interpretations of market reality